World Leading Childcare now in Australia

North Star Early Education introduces internationally acclaimed Nordic childcare practices to the Australian market, elevating the childcare experience for children, parents, and staff

Guiding the growth of your child

As a boutique early education provider, our commitment is to craft a warm, personalised experience for both you and your child, ensuring an optimal beginning for their learning journey.

Drawing inspiration from the globally recognised Finnish early childhood education model, renowned for emphasising play, physical activity, and creativity in a child's formative years, North Star provides an environment where children have the freedom to make choices, have fun, and learn on the go. Our approach to early education is uplifting, encouraging a joyful and enriching experience for every child in our care.

Why families have been guided to North Star

World Leading Early Education

North Star has incorporated Finland's widely acclaimed and recognised early education system into the early educational standards of Australia. Finland holds the top position in education according to various global indices, including the OECD Better Life Index.

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Leading Health & Nutrition

Our childcare centre provides meals meticulously designed by a paediatric nutritionist to meet the highest standards of nutrition for all children in our care.

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World Class Education Professionals

Our team consists of specifically trained professionals who implement our leading early education methodology.

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Real-Time Updates

Stay connected with your child throughout the day by receiving constant updates through our parent app.

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Happy kids

Our approach to learning is rooted in Finnish early childhood philosophies that promote playful and interactive learning. For the past six years, Finland has consistently ranked as the happiest nation according to the UN World Happiness Report.

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The North Star Difference

World leading curriculum

At North Star, your child enjoys a distinctive opportunity to partake in Finland's globally acclaimed education system. Setting us apart from nearly all other childcare centres in Australia, North Star implements a meticulously crafted daily learning curriculum designed by authentic education scientists and early childhood specialists.

Exceptional Educators

Our exceptional staff undergo specialised training in our leading early education methodology. Each North Star educator dedicates 18 months to this rigorous training program, providing them with direct access to our experts. This commitment ensures that the unique needs and interests of every child are not only addressed but also nurtured with a high level of expertise and care.

Nurturing Environment

At North Star, we provide premium learning spaces in a modern yet homely centre. Our purpose-built play spaces are designed to stimulate imagination, encourage exploration, and foster growth in every child. Additionally, our in-house chef prepares meals designed by a paediatric nutritionist, setting the gold standard in childcare nutrition.

Extra curricular & Community

At North Star, we enrich the childcare experience with specialised children’s events, excursions to the local community, parent play & stay sessions, and a parent council. This comprehensive approach ensures an exceptional network and community for your family, fostering a sense of connection and engagement in your child's early education journey.

Our Centres

Inviting spaces designed following Nordic guidelines, with lots of room for exploration, learning and wholesome well-being.

We are loved by families

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The North Star

The name "North Star" holds significant symbolism as a guiding Nordic star, representing 'true north.' Historically, it has been a symbol of hope and guidance, embodying principles of direction, stability, and purpose. These guiding principles are integral to our centre, reflecting our commitment to providing a space that offers direction, stability, and purpose in the early education journey of every child entrusted to our care.

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