Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. The framework covers the education and care of all children, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.

All children will have an individual learning plan and portfolio documenting their development. Individual plans are reviewed six times a year in consultation with your family and in line with our bespoke curriculum

Daily highlights

Parents can log in to our app, StoryPark, to access their child's daily highlights, photos, reflections, and reviews.

The platform enables direct communication with the key educator and the centre, ensuring a transparent and interactive channel for staying connected with the child's experiences.

Supporting your child’s progress

You will receive a periodic report every seven weeks. It will contain observations on your child, with any recommendations or information on areas needing further support.

Our educators review individual student reports and work to adjust class plans six times a year and communicate their findings at six parents evenings.


We have a comprehensive program in place to support staff, parents, and children with their well-being throughout the school year. 

We organise regular evening lectures on topics such as sleep training, multilingual families and First Aid for babies and children.


At North Star we tailor each child’s learning journey to meet their specific needs as we acknowledge that no two children are alike.

At the end of each week your child’s key educator will reflect on their learning experiences and create a summary for you to read. This allows you to see how to best support your child at home and be an active part of their discovery and enjoyment in learning.

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