There are differences between Sessional Kindergarten and Long Day Care

In Australia, parents have the option to select from two prevalent types of early childhood education and care programs as they prepare their children for the transition to school: Sessional Kindergarten and Long Day Care.

An essential point to emphasise is that the curriculum in both accredited Long Day Care and Sessional Kindergarten programs is fundamentally identical. In both instances, the curriculum is overseen by teachers with Bachelor qualifications.

These two settings share a common goal: to deliver a high-quality educational program tailored to meet the developmental requirements of young children, with the ultimate objective of preparing them for the school experience.

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Sessional Kindergarten (kinder)

Sessional Kindergarten, also referred to as Preschool, typically functions for a limited number of hours each day, a few days per week, following the school term calendar. Children usually attend Sessional Kindergarten for one or two years before commencing formal schooling. This form of early education and care is commonly administered by community organisations, local councils, or schools and often receives government subsidies based on your family's level of activity or engagement.

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Long Day Care

On the other hand, Long Day Care centres offer full-day education and care services for children from birth to school age. So children who were already here before Kindergarten can stay in their familiar environment. Children joining for the first time are given more time to familiarise themselves with the new environment, the routines and the other children. Children who attend Long Day Care have more time to explore and practice the newly learnt skills as they participate for longer periods throughout the week. This extended time allows for a more gradual and natural learning progression, enabling children to deepen their understanding and master the curriculum over time.

Long Day Care is the preferred choice for most families. Here is why:

Longer Hours of Care:

Long Day Care Centres, like North Star, offer extended hours of care, which can be a significant advantage for parents who work full-time or have other commitments that necessitate extended periods away from home. At North Star, a full day of care includes all meals and a variety of extracurricular activities. This means parents can rest assured that their child is well taken care of with a balanced and delicious daily meal plan, freshly prepared on-site. Additionally, children can enjoy various extra offerings, including sports sessions, community experiences, and even visits from a hairdresser, eliminating the need for parents to prepare lunch boxes.

Consistency and Routine:

Consistency and routine are hallmarks of Long Day Care Centres, which operate year-round, including during school holidays. This consistency is especially beneficial for children who thrive on structure and routine, and it provides a predictable and stable environment that can help children develop a sense of security and comfort.

Early Learning Opportunities:

Moreover, Long Day Care Centres such as North Star offer young children a wide array of early learning opportunities. Children engage in play-based learning activities that promote the development of vital skills like communication, problem-solving, and socialisation. This comprehensive approach to early education ensures that children receive a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Important to know – The North Star Kindergarten Program is approved by the Victorian Government. That means: 

  • Qualified teachers lead the program.
  • Children will benefit from play-based learning.
  • The program complies with government guidelines and the National Quality Framework.
  • Funding for the same hours is offered in sessional Kindergarten in Long Day Care.
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What is the right choice now for your child? 

In summary, both Sessional Kindergarten and Long Day Care programs prepare children for the transition to school. However, Long Day Care provides children with more time and offers significant advantages when it comes to supporting parents in balancing work and family responsibilities while giving children the best possible start in life. Long Day Care's extended hours and comprehensive services make it a favourable option for families seeking both educational preparation and flexibility.

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