Exceptional Education

What sets us apart is that we provide a meticulously designed daily learning curriculum crafted by genuine education and early childhood experts, a feature not commonly found in other childcare centres across Australia. This curriculum is thoughtfully delivered through a play-based approach, ensuring your child's learning experience is both joyful and intuitive.

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Our Vision

North Star introduces internationally acclaimed Nordic childcare practices to the Australian childcare market, establishing a new standard for the childcare experience for children, parents, and staff. We uphold a 'best in class' philosophy across child experience, curriculum, centre design, and personalised learning, ensuring excellence in all aspects of our childcare services.

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Our Philosophy

We are firm believers in holistic learning, where every child should have the freedom to learn and flourish within a nurturing and stimulating environment. This environment not only supports their unique traits and interests but also fosters the self-assurance necessary for their future development and success.

Going the ‘Extra’ Mile

We offer a variety of extracurricular activities for your child as part of our daily routine.

Music classes

Music classes in our centre offer children the opportunity to explore the world of sound, rhythm, and self-expression. Through engaging activities and play, these lessons nurture a lifelong love for music, boost cognitive development, and enhance social skills as children collaborate in making joyful melodies together.


We provide cooking lessons in our centre as it provides children with valuable life skills while fostering their creativity and confidence in the kitchen. These hands-on experiences not only promote healthy eating habits but also encourage a sense of independence as children learn to prepare simple, nutritious meals.

Sports program

Our sports programs promote physical activity, teamwork, and motor skills in children, featuring activities such as soccer, basketball, yoga, dance, and more. These programs foster active play, social skills, and enjoyable experiences. Ensuring age-appropriate and safe activities, qualified instructors or staff members supervise and lead these activities.

Community engagement

At North Star we see preach community engagement at our centre through maintaining open communication with parents, hosting family events, offering volunteer opportunities, collaborating with local organisations, using social media, establishing parent committees, celebrating diversity, and seeking feedback to create a supportive and inclusive environment for children and families.

North Star Penpals

We are fortunate enough to have partner centres all across the world as part of the FInlandWay® network. Children who attend North Star can choose to have a penpal from another FinlandWay® setting. We run events online for the children around the world to share in celebrations and news and to help make our cultural experiences and exchanges more meaningful and informative.


Nutrition forms a crucial part of a child’s development and is at the forefront of the North Star offering.

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack are all provided as part of our service. We have partnered with a local paediatric nutritionist to ensure that our varied menus provide a balanced and healthy diet for all the children, and caters to all dietary requirements. Our nutrition program sets the gold standard in childcare healthy eating.
We help our students develop healthy habits around food, setting the pattern for the rest of their lives. All our food is produced fresh daily on site by our own chef, and we pride ourselves on using seasonal produce and high-quality suppliers. Weekly meal plans that your child will be eating are always provided to parents via our communication app.
As a parent of our centre, you will receive biannual information sessions from our nutritionist with tips about making the best eating choices for your family in the supermarket, a selection of child-friendly recipes and a sample meal plans.

Always Connected

We recognise that, as parents, you have a natural desire to stay informed about your children’s daily activities. That’s why we utilise a specially designed childcare app, StoryPark, to offer real-time updates on your child’s experiences, including details about their sleep, meals, and a wealth of delightful photos taken throughout the day. This technology allows you to stay closely connected to your child’s journey and well-being while they are at our centre.

A typical day at North Star

Arrival / Breakfast
Coming together / Circle time
Introduction to learning topic
Outdoor time
Morning Tea
Guided Exploration / Activities
Sleep & Rest
Play based exploration / activities (outdoors)
Afternoon tea / reflection
Home time

Educator to child ratios

The educator to child ratio is dependent on the age of your child

We aim to secure continuity for your child with the same teacher throughout the week. If for any reason staff are absent, our main priority is to inform parents as soon as possible of the replacement for that day, to ensure there are no surprises for you or your child.

The daily FinlandWay® programme also ensures continuity and helps all children to feel comfortable and settled with the staff who support them.

Ratio for on-site activities

Age of Children
Educator to Children Ratio
0 - 3 years
3 to 5 Years

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